Identity exhibited at Milano: “Tutti gli amore della mia vita”

identity milano2

Identity artwork can be visited until 7th december at Leccomilano, Milano.

The exhibition, “Tutti gli amori della mia vita”, is a project from Paolo Portulari, artist who shows some ilustrated reflections about sex and love, the love for sex and the sex for love. An attempt to transform the ‘butchery’s’ aesthetics often used in the virtual gay environment in a more romantic one.

The selected images from Identity for the exhibition are all from real people, edited by their owners to keep their identity hidden. The artist have selected 7 images from gay social networks. By changing the context where they are shown, a refection about issues of some gay male today in internet opens up.

identity milano1


Images from Paolo Portulari’s work.


identity milano3 identity milano4