Residency at Grad (Serbia)

Amb els artistes participants al projecte:  Joanes i Saara i l'equip directiu del centre: en Dan, la Lujmila i la Senka
Picture of the participant artist on the project: Joanes and Saara, and the directors of Grad, Lujmila and Dejan, together with Senka assitant.

From 8th August I’ve started an artistic residence  at Cultural Front – GRAD in Belgrade, Serbia, for the Frontiers in Retreat European Project.

Until the 10th September I will be at the Grad Center in Belgrad and visiting and producing artworks in the several art colonies of Serbia (Ecka Colony, Zlakusa Colony and Sirojogno Colony) to do a research on art, time and ecology. Along these days we’ll be meeting local artists and specialists on ecology, physics and history.

Here you will find all the information about the project and about the agenda of the Grad center.

And here some press releases.