Bombes Kodama al Festival Ingràvid

[vimeo 15102745]

Kodama Bombs will explode in the Ingràvid Festival in Figueras.

An intervention in public space, in between an art performance, environmental activism and poetic reflection.

The Japanese Kodamas have an undefined shape and are almost transparent living deities that only like to live in healthy natural areas. This piece is inspired by the representation of Kodama on the legendary film “Princess mononokoe”(1997) Hayao Miyazaki.

[vimeo 15104612]

The artist will manufacture/cook sticky balls with gelatinous texture containing a mixture of soil and seeds inside (a sort of ravioli the size of a fist) to be throuwn as if they would be bombs against the ugly buildings and sites of the city. The humidity of the interior and sun exposure will cause germination within less than 3 days. These little innocent sticky bombs will be used to carry out attacks agains the denatured spaces, waiting to flourish and begin to transform the sites slowly.

[vimeo 15256419]

During the festival the artist will reveal the recipe step by step on how to create Kodama Bombs at home.

This performance is a critic agains the increasing dehumanization of urban spaces.




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